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Tell Your Reps! Support the FAMILY Act for Paid Leave

ResistBot is a tool that you can use to easily send messages to your state and federal representatives. It'll ask you for your information once, and from there you can use simple commands to compose a new message or sign existing petitions.

We highly suggest it and will be using it to advocate for issues important to us - such a paid family and medical leave! Beneath the below image, see the message to send to your reps.

Please pass the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act.

This act builds on FMLA by emulating successful state programs which provide paid leave via insurance premiums paid through payroll deductions. It expands eligibility to include workers at small businesses, who have been with their current employer for less than one year, and other groups previously left out.

Similar to short term disability policies, it would pay a benefit of 66% of a worker’s paycheck for up to 12 weeks when they or their family have a serious illness, birth, or adoption.

A consistent, national paid leave policy which covers all workers will allow small businesses to be more competitive and citizens to be more resilient in the face of obstacles.

It will give new mothers the time they need to heal and bond with their babies. It will make nursing more attainable for more mothers, which is the healthiest way to feed an infant. It will reduce postpartum anxiety and depression, and allow families the time they need to transition after such a big life event. It will help mothers to remain in the workforce, supporting their families through the childrearing years, and gaining the experience they need to be promoted. This will help gender parity in the workplace and the gender wage gap.

The FAMILY Act is an investment in the American people. It will strengthen today’s fragile economy and benefit all - parents, children, elders, employers and society as a whole.

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